It has been such a long time since I last posted…
The few last months were hectic, intensive and full of excitement. And here I am, before my big move to NYC.

The apt hunting is about to start – HELP ! ! !

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While most of the world relies on the Gregorian calendar, Judaism uses the lunisolar one. Yesterday, by the lunisolar calendar, the Jewish “Valentine day” has been celebrated (oxymoron it is..) – Tu Be’Av.
Traditionally, in this date of the year all the single ladies wore simple white clothes, and only simple, so you won’t be able to tell who is rich and who is poor. This was a day full of hope and opportunity for all the singles.

Two days ago my husband bought me my first D-SLR camera (Pentax k-20d). I was longing for a real camera for such a long time… Although I’m not considering both of us romantic people, I found that gift to be very romantic. I think mostly because there was no real celebration that this present was bought for (although we are both saying that I got my 30th birthday present three years earlier…) and it was just a symbol of him wants me to be happy, a symbol of true love (or what you are willing to find in Tu Be’Av)

No photos today… (Isn’t that funny that a post that talks about new camera doesn’t contain even one photo?!)

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I’ve been pretty quite in the last two weeks.
I feel like there are a lot of thing that going around me, as I am about to start my daily work soon and hopefully to be RA assistant (I know doesn’t sound very appealing…). I’ve been working from home in the last 3 years, and I feel like I need to absorb all that before I’ll be 8 to 3 kind of girl (as you can understand, it’s not going to be a full-time job).
So, this is how my days looked like lately:

and my favorite:


4th of July. Part Two.

There is something kind of funny celebrating country’s independence day when you are not even her citizen. That is what happened to me this year.

You are not sure where you are, but this is your home.
Your are not sure where you will live in five or ten years from now, maybe still here, but you kind of look at yourself as a visitor at the same time.

You speak the same English as everyone else, but you are still much more funny in your own native language.
You look pretty much like everyone else on the street, but you know that this outfit will totally NOT work in your home country.

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4th of July. Part One.

skirt: LnA, camisole: The Falls, and clutch: Naor Jacoby

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Sweet Potato Quiche

One of the privileges of being “desperate housewife” is that I can allow myself to experiment in the kitchen. Yesterday there was a farewell party to one of my husband colleagues, and everyone brought something. This was the first time I made this sweet potato Quiche (recipe taken from here), and I hoped that I’ll have the chance to taste her.

unfortunately (or fortunately, depends how you think about that..) the Quiche was success at the office, and nothing left for me.

I guess I’ll make it again.

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Surprise, Surprise..

Waking up early at weekend is one of my most least favorite things to do… We woke up around 5 am this Sunday, in order to catch 6 am bus to NYC. I felt like my body was in shock from that all day long. As a result, I couldn’t even reach my hand and take the camera out of my tote. Lame, I know.

We were there for only seven hours, but I feel like we got the most out of them: We were with our family, my husband went to see one of the games with his friends in town, and I had the opportunity to stroll the streets without any purpose (which I really like to do).

And just a little something to bright up my day, and hopefully yours as well:

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