While most of the world relies on the Gregorian calendar, Judaism uses the lunisolar one. Yesterday, by the lunisolar calendar, the Jewish “Valentine day” has been celebrated (oxymoron it is..) – Tu Be’Av.
Traditionally, in this date of the year all the single ladies wore simple white clothes, and only simple, so you won’t be able to tell who is rich and who is poor. This was a day full of hope and opportunity for all the singles.

Two days ago my husband bought me my first D-SLR camera (Pentax k-20d). I was longing for a real camera for such a long time… Although I’m not considering both of us romantic people, I found that gift to be very romantic. I think mostly because there was no real celebration that this present was bought for (although we are both saying that I got my 30th birthday present three years earlier…) and it was just a symbol of him wants me to be happy, a symbol of true love (or what you are willing to find in Tu Be’Av)

No photos today… (Isn’t that funny that a post that talks about new camera doesn’t contain even one photo?!)

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