NYC Bound

I wish it was literally a bound, since my husband and me are going to spend tomorrow equal time (if not longer..) on the bus to and from NYC, then in Manhattan’s streets.

We will be there to celebrate my great-nephew 8th birthday.

Here are some photos from the last two or three times I’ve been there:

From top right (clockwise): Somewhere near Canal st.; At the Union Square Greenmarket; Around the Radio City Music Hall; and at the famous Magnolia bakery*

*Although this bakery is an icon since she’s  been mentioned both on SATC and The Devil Wears Prada, I must say that I wasn’t convinced. It was way too sugary for my taste, Georgetown Cupcake in DC are much better. And NO, I don’t work there.. 

More to come when I’ll come back.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


My Life at the Moment

I believe that most of the time you can know pretty good what’s going on with other people life by the books that they are reading.
So, basically this my life at the moment:

From left to right (or top to bottom, if you are looking on the right photo):

>> Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (translated to Hebrew): I know that practically the whole world read this book already two years ago. For long time I was afraid that this book will try to teach/ lecture me what am I suppose to do with me life, and I prefer to find it by myself. Now that I am reading it I can say that most of the time I don’t feel this way.

>> The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery: It’s a bit of a shame, but it takes me forever to read this book. I started reading it more than two months ago. This book is so sensitive, clever, and thought arousal, that it’s hard for me to read it more quickly. While Eat, Love, Pray is my “at the pool book”, this book is more of “my bedtime book”.

>> Getting In: A Step by Step for Gaining Admission to Graduate School in Psychology by the APA (=American Psychology Association). I believe it’s clear enough why I’m reading this book. NOT a sheer pleasure.

>> Le tout petit fantôme by Kay Winters/Lynn Munsinger
>> Une patte dans le plâtre by Charlotte Sjöstrand: As part of my attempt to learn French (here), I decided to borrow some books from the children department in the library. It is still way too hard for my knowledge…. Nice illustrations, though

Do you feel that your reading list defines you?

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Jazz in the Garden

This is my second summer in DC (although most of the last summer I’ve been in Israel, my homeland), and I just found out not so long ago about “Jazz in the Garden“. As you can assume from the name this Jazz event takes place in a garden, well – the sculpture garden in matter of fact. I really liked the music, but mostly I liked the atmosphere.

I hope you can feel part of it through the photos.

My dress inspiration was Diane Kruger (her photo is taken from here). As you can see, she is pretty shy – just like me – so you can see only her body..

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Photo of The Day

It was loud, it was colorful, and it was bubbly.

I was most impressed by this little girl’s t-shirt and the fact that it seemed true: This girl feel comfortable with her own skin. Though it seems like it’s pretty easy when you are a kid.

I hope she will keep that attitude once she will grow up.


South Africa

I am not a big fan of soccer or football or whatever you call it, depending on your origin.. But, I was lucky enough to be in South Africa a few months ago.

My husband flew to Johannesburg along with fellow student as part of one of their school project. We decided that it will be a shame if we won’t take this opportunity to travel in this country. So, there you go – as soon as his school project ended, I arrived to Johannesburg!

We decided to travel along the southern part of the country, along the oceans, on a route which called The Garden Route. Basically, this route offers you all that SA can offer: national parks (i.e- smaller safaris), beach towns, wineries, etc.

The end of our trip was in Cape Town, which we both fell in love. We promised ourselves that if we will ever have the opportunity, we would buy there summer-vacation house.. dreams.. dreams…

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Favorite Things

I don’t know why, but this song got stuck to my head today.

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Pardon my French

Every once in a while people ask me if I am French. It happens both when I’m speaking English (yes… accent) or when I’m speaking my native language, which is – as you can assume – not French.

I blame it all on the way I carry my bag, I call it “The French Way”.

Anyways, I figure out that it might by nice to understand French after all, and to stop “denying” my inner-french. I hope I won’t give up on that.

Luckily, there are several fashion blogs that I really like and that are written both in English and French: Cherry blossom girl, Betty, and Tokyo Banhbao. I am sure it will make it much more nicer.


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