Jazz in the Garden

This is my second summer in DC (although most of the last summer I’ve been in Israel, my homeland), and I just found out not so long ago about “Jazz in the Garden“. As you can assume from the name this Jazz event takes place in a garden, well – the sculpture garden in matter of fact. I really liked the music, but mostly I liked the atmosphere.

I hope you can feel part of it through the photos.

My dress inspiration was Diane Kruger (her photo is taken from here). As you can see, she is pretty shy – just like me – so you can see only her body..

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4 Responses to Jazz in the Garden

  1. Ariella says:

    Oh, that jazz festival sounds and looks like a lot of fun! I’ve never been to many festivals, but I am sure the atmosphere must have been amazing. I also really like your take on Diane Krüger’s outfit! Pretty!

    • Monic says:

      Hi Ariella,
      Thank you for visiting my blog!
      I’m trying to experience D.C as much as I can, and this one was really nice in my opinion. It seems like you are doing the same regarding Israel.

  2. sefi says:

    it look super cool! i adore open air music festivals ans would be happy to be there now. like the sweet outfit of yours!

  3. Elle Sees says:

    I love an outdoor summer concert!!

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