South Africa

I am not a big fan of soccer or football or whatever you call it, depending on your origin.. But, I was lucky enough to be in South Africa a few months ago.

My husband flew to Johannesburg along with fellow student as part of one of their school project. We decided that it will be a shame if we won’t take this opportunity to travel in this country. So, there you go – as soon as his school project ended, I arrived to Johannesburg!

We decided to travel along the southern part of the country, along the oceans, on a route which called The Garden Route. Basically, this route offers you all that SA can offer: national parks (i.e- smaller safaris), beach towns, wineries, etc.

The end of our trip was in Cape Town, which we both fell in love. We promised ourselves that if we will ever have the opportunity, we would buy there summer-vacation house.. dreams.. dreams…

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2 Responses to South Africa

  1. ספי says:

    it looks great! i would be happy to go to SA on my next big trip. you have a lovely blog and thanks for visiting mine.

  2. lifebymonic says:

    Sefi – Exciting moment! You are my first comment, from hopefully many more to come..
    We should exchange info- I hope that my next big trip will be Japan (:

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